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Unlock the power of local.

McClatchy is made up of over 30 local news-driven communities where readers discover new ideas, products, and trends.

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With McClatchy Ad Manager you can reach your audience no matter where they are! Learn about the platforms available.

McClatchy News Print
Social Media Advertising
Email Audience Blasts & Design
(SEM) Search Engine Marketing Pay Per Click
Retargeting & Remarketing
McClatchy Premium Audience Network

Reach a loyal audience in print

  • Print ad options to help you reach potential customers and stand out in local markets across the country
  • Each market in the McClatchy family was selected for its strength and its potential.
  • The communities we serve are continuously growing, and we’re proud to provide our readers and local businesses the tools they need to grow smarter, every day.

Utilize display ads on our local media sites.

  • Leverage the power of co-branding with our local mastheads in a trusted environment.
  • Achieve reach and frequency independent of market size
  • Ability to tap into a community of interest not limited to local geography
  • Ability to partner directly with a single publisher
  • Ads on trusted, local media sites help brands build large-scale awareness with engaged readers.

Drive new leads with search engine marketing

  • Meet people at the moment they have a need.
  • Drive qualified leads with conversion-focused ad copy.
  • The “pay per click” model allows advertisers to pay only when consumers interact with their ads.
  • Gain market share and capture users looking for the exact products and services you offer.
  • Reach highly specific audiences using relevant keywords.

Social media

  • Social media users tend to be engaged because they’ve decided to spend time on the platform of their choice.
  • 55% of consumers say they learn about brands through social, a figure that jumps to 78% for Generation Z and 61% for Millennials. (SproutSocial).
  • Audience targeting data is robust - through audience their behaviors allows users to engage and share at their convenience.
  • Effectively reach your audience through a variety of demographic & behavioral targeting options.
  • Leveraging written content as well as video & display ads will help you connect with the right people.
  • Our social media options allow you to engage potential customers with targeted ads on Facebook & Instagram.

Drive new leads with targeted email

  • 3rd party email lists for extended reach to double opt-in recipients.
  • Large canvas allows for more complex messaging & it’s long shelf life allows users to engage and share at their convenience.
  • Our data is cleansed to ensure email delivery & leverages Postal overlay to match email addresses for increased targeting.
  • 100% CAN-SPAM & DMA compliant to ensure delivery to quality email recipients.
  • 100% bot-free & 1.5% guaranteed CTR

Drive awareness with your most likely customers

  • An emphasis on delivering the right message to the right person at the right time — and at the right rate — through machine learning and real-time bidding.
  • Data-powered targeting that zeroes in on users based on their interests, behaviors, and other individual characteristics as demonstrated primarily by their online behaviors.
  • Effective at both the top and bottom of the funnel. Its superpowers are reach + frequency.
  • Compliments conversion-oriented tactics such as pay-per-click or social & helps drive broad-based awareness.
  • Access to the leading inventory sources, exchanges, devices, and programs that put billions of impressions across millions of websites worldwide at your fingertips.

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Real-Time Campaign Reporting

Find out how you can boost your business by working with the premier media company in your community.

Instant Access to Ad Placements

We can effectively and efficiently deliver your message to desirable audiences.

Brand Safe Content Alignment

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality content across all of our digital and print platforms.

We absolutely love the McClatchy Ad Manager platform. Very easy to use!

McClatchy Ad Manager Customer

McClatchy behaves like a small, local company providing great service. Their Ad Manager platform is efficient and streamlined.

McClatchy Ad Manager Customer

Reach your audience in six simple steps!

Define your
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Choose when and how long your campaign will run.
Customize your
Tailor your campaign to the target locations and demographics you want to reach.
Define your
Control your ad budget to meet your marketing objectives.
Upload your
Submit creative directly to Ad Manager for quick and easy uploads.
Enter your
Fast and secure payment with Visa, Mastercard and Discover.
Monitor performance
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Get up-to-date information about your campaign.

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